Surgey Santiago

Traveler Photographer, Wanderer , Blogger

My name is Surgey Santiago, born and raised in La Isla Del Encanto Puerto Rico. Traveling impacted me at a very young age. So much so I decided to become a flight attendant. Although I’m no longer in the airline industry my passion for travel is strong. I currently reside in Queens, NY and I can’t express enough how much I enjoy living here. After the airlines I made a choice to include travel as often as possible b/c it moved me, it gave me that satisfaction nothing else could. I want share my world and travels with you via this blog in hopes my experiences awaken you to explore and see more of your life than your 9-5.   Today I set aside all the time possible to feed my travel bug.  I still explore with that same eagerness and I invite you to do the same. Don’t let fear, time, a job or money keep you still, go out there and make dreams come true. 💗


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