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Travel Guide to a Safari in Tanzania

Where do I begin? I think this one is going to be a hard one to beat. I can’t recall how far back I imagined myself going on a safari adventure. I will try to be as detailed as possible. Though half the time I was probably in La La Land daydreaming or pinching myself (was I really here.) This trip was probably the most difficult to plan but the most rewarding. You will definitely need to check off some things from your list before traveling to Tanzania.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Yellow Fever Shot
  • Maleria Pills
  • Bug Spray (optional)
  • Detailed Itinerary 

We arrived in Kilimanjaro two days prior to our Safari in order to rest and be prepared for a long journey. Our camp was deep in the Serengeti and to get there we first had to take an 8 hour safari ride to a lodge for a day before arriving at camp. 

Accommodations at Arusha:

The hotel offered an excellent breakfast and wonderful staff. The rooms were spacious and very clean. I would recommend touring Arusha with a guide not alone. We heard the locals can get pretty intense and with the language barrier it won’t be easy getting around. In town you will see tons of fruit and clothing markets. We also came across a Tanzanite museum near our hotel that offered free entry, coffee and a quick lesson on  mining the beautiful blue gem.

After resting for a couple of days, getting to know Arusha a bit and waiting for the rest of our travel group I mentally prepared for our journey. My excitement was that of a 10 year old on her way to Disney World. 🙂

Safari Day 1

Our Safari company arrived around 9:00 a.m. On the first day we drove through the Tarangire National Park seeing breathtaking views and beautiful animals. After stopping at a picnic area for lunch our guide opened the roof top to our safari truck making it easy to spot any animals along the way. 

Before you know it we arrived at the Lodge Camp which resembles a pretty hotel you would see here in the states but with the type of views you only dream of, delicious food, art and guest rooms so large you can fit a family of 10.


This hotel is solely to rest before another long journey though the Ngorongoro Crater where you will spot more animals before the real camping or should I say glamping began.

Safari Day 2

If you have spoken to people about a safari in Tanzania they have probably mentioned Ngorongoro Crater. What I had researched did not quite deliver what my eyes encountered. Seeing it in person will definitely make your mouth drop and your eyes water because it is not everyday you see a crater miles long filled with exotic animals. It was impressive, massive and left me feeling goosebumps.

After driving in and out of Ngorongoro Crater we decided to visit a Masai Village to learn their way of living. We ended up meeting families that touched our hearts because although we communicated mostly with hand gestures and smiles we enjoyed the space and time we spent together. 

I’ve learned the biggest lessons while traveling not in a classroom or hearing about it but rather experiencing them for myself. There is no grater feeling than to witness something with your own eyes…and so I’ll continue with myeyeswandering.

And so we arrived at camp. I, the skeptic, lets research until our eyeballs fall out, no doubt they have bedbugs  psycho that I’m, wasn’t pleased with the photos I had seen online prior to arriving but I decided to take a back seat on this one and let others join me in selecting our camp grounds. I have to say, I was very pleased. I never imagined that at 39 years old I could afford a safari in the Serengeti. Of course anyone could sleep in a tent like those you use while camping Upstate New York but I think lions could probably get into those. So my thing was could I take this trip the way I wanted, with the comfort, hot water, safety, food that didn’t make us ill, and a comfy bed without braking the bank. Those things might seem like the norm but I’ve heard stories. I was searching for the safari I dreamt of, the one that would meet my expectations for my budget. Well, lets just say it wasn’t the $7,000 ticket per person I’ve heard of from friends, popular instagrammers or travel booking sites but boy was I impressed. Photos just do not do it justice you have to experience this one for yourself. 

5 beds, two showers, a real porcelain toilet lol didn’t expect that I’m not sure why. Nightstands with power source, lamps and everything you do not expect to see inside a tent in the middle of the Serengeti. We were at the camp 3 nights, we had 3 wonderful meals each night all accompanied by dessert and after dinner we would walk over to the the bar area for nightcaps before bedtime. The beers were freezing cold, the staff so accommodating and the manager sat with us night after night to share stories we were all so eager to hear.

A Masai will walk us safely to our tents when we were ready to assure we got to our tents safely. Walking the grounds alone without a personnel was not permitted. We were in the wild after all and the tents were not surrounded by a fence to keep the wild from coming into the camp area. We heard the roar of lions, we sighted hyenas while sitting around a fire camp filled with stars. Does it sound like a movie? It definitely felt like one. 

There is a song that we were greeted with upon arrival to Tanzania, we learned the words as best we could…we danced along in cheer and since then it has been in our minds because it exuded happiness.  A song that brings a smile to any face, a song that symbolises a wide range of emotions called Jambo Bwana. We sang it as a group, and though it was never discussed we all knew exactly how the song had affected us and how it had changed us. We forgot our differences, we forgot language barriers, we were just happy. 

Experiences like this one are difficult to express with words. Words that will have you pull up a booking site to book your next adventure. The things I’ve listed above are solely my experience, my journey.  You may agree or disagree with my way of traveling but the beauty of it all is that there are tons of options for your budget and your liking, this is just mine. 🙂 I’ve listed some details below about the company we used for our Safari. Feel free to contact them and tell them Surgey Santiago (myeyeswandering) sent you. Happy Travels!

If you are planning a similar vacation I highly recommend

The easiest way to contact them is via Facebook and WhatsApp.

When planning a trip so far away it is easy to be disappointed. If you are like me and love doing your research I’m glad you are reading this post. Reading up on the locations grounds, staff and in general your accommodations will make for a happier you. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE! Feel free to contact me on Instagram if you have any further questions.

We decided on New Adventures Safari because it was highly recommended and the word around town (FB, IG) was that they were reliable and trust worthy, punctual and kept their word. Erick was the contact person, he was great at keeping in touch and answered questions and concerns along the trip. They offer different packages but traveling with a group definitely made the price a bit more appealing. Every animal they mentioned we would spot was a success with the exception of the Rhino which sadly there are very few left to see. We did spot one far away that we were able to see only with binoculars. Lunch is included daily, nothing too fancy but enough to get you by until dinner. It included a juice, water, sandwich or meat, chocolate bar and fruit. Some days we even had African empanadas :). Some parks  offered food stands, if you are a picky eater or dislike what the tour offers there are bars and truck stands to buy additional food and beverages. 

What I wore:

Sneakers by Uterque: My exact pair are no longer available but these are pretty similar. 

Pants by Zara: no longer available.

Black Tank by Theory: 

Similar Option:

Athleisure Set by Alala:

Breakers Tee 

Rise Jogger

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  4. That was a great read! Such great information and the pictures really captured the journey. Looking forward to your future posts!

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