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A long Weekend in Arizona

How often do we think traveling requires a passport and a very long flight to feel like we are really getting away?

My girlfriends and I often plan a weekend getaway to break out of our regular routine. This time we all agreed on Arizona. For me, it had been on the bucket list for years but it always took a backseat to places like Dubai, Iceland, The Philippines…boy were we all missing out. 

The trip is picturesque, it is very American 🙂 and I love that about it. Though it felt like I was traveling far (5 hours exactly from NY) I was home. The USA has so much beauty to offer but I often ignored it.  During my trip we visited Antelope’s Canyon, Devil’s Bridge Trail, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and enjoyed a very beautiful road trip. I will be sharing how to save money and time for a weekend getaway…Stay tuned!


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